Supreme Antistatic Bubble Film

Supreme Antistatic Bubble Film
Supreme Antistatic Bubble Film
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Product Code : Supreme21
Product Description

Formerly: Air Bubble Film (ABF) / SIL air

Lightweight Air Bubble Film (ABF) for all packaging and cushioning requirements...

'PROTECT bubble' (bubble film/ ABF) isa flexible packaging and cushioning material made of polymeric film comprising of small air pockets. The symmetrical air bubble pattern ensures excellent cushioning & provides protection against transit damage. 'PROTECT bubble' (bubble film/ ABF) offers most cost effective protection for all your basic packaging needs. 'PROTECT bubble' (bubble film/ ABF) is manufactured using the right proportion of special polymers to provide assured protection to the product throughout its life span.'PROTECT bubble' (bubble film/ ABF) is also available in fabricated pouches, cut pieces and small rolls.

Features :

  • Transparent, hygienic, dust free & non toxic

  • Can be easily wrapped around the product for cushioning

  • Resistant to moisture

  • Provides excellent surface protection against accidental impact & scratches

  • Special anti-static bubble film (ABF) grades are available for ESD applications

  • Can be supplied in roll form or in customized fabricated forms such as pouches, cut pieces, wraparounds etc.

  • Various laminates available such as foam, film (printed or unprinted)

  • Environment friendly product. 100% recyclable

Applications :

  • The excellent resilience of  PROTECT bubble  (bubble film / ABF), resistance to shocks & abrasion and inherent flexibility give an advantage while packing a host of diverse products like...

  • Packaging solutions: Dust covers, bubble wrap etc. for fragile items like glassware, mirrors, picture frames, ceramics, china ware, pottery, handicrafts etc.

  • Anti-static packaging covers

  • Packaging of consumer durables and white goods like TV covers, Refrigerator packaging, LCD / LED packaging etc.

  • Packing material for painted surface of components

  • Packaging of Pharmaceutical, Dental and Optical equipments

  • Packaging and cushioning solutions for Automobiles like transit packing of vehicles, returnable / multiple use packing material, domestic and exports spares packing, component packing, packing material for 2-wheelers etc.

  • Packaging of highly polished and sensitive items like electronic gadgets, appliances & scientific instruments

  • Packaging of electronics & machinery

  • Engineering components, industrial parts & automobile spare parts packaging

  • Packaging and cushioning of furniture panels & profiles

  • Polished rolls

  • Packaging material for sensitive IT merchandise

  • Fruits & vegetables packaging

Composite packaging solutions can be designed for specific requirements.

Product Details:


100 mtr


1000 mm to 1500 mm


Pink, White, Silver etc.

Design Type






Formerly: Air Bubble Film(ABF) / SIL air


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