Civil & Construction Accessories Material

We offer a comprehensive range of civil & construction accessories material. It has been practical for various significant purposes. There are corrosion protection, structure safety, environmental performance, and other objectives. Our offered products are helpful in the design, construction and maintenance activities. They are practical in various environments such as buildings, roads, bridges, and others. We offer excellent manufactured materials for the demanding needs. They are cost-effective, safer and practical in nature. Based on advanced technologies, they give high-performance solutions. There are flexible and easy uses too. The civil & construction accessories material ensures high strength, chemical resistance as well as ergonomics. We serve for engineering industry, heavy structures, buildings, and more.
Product Image (Supreme Gap filler in Roolfing System)
Product Image (Supreme High Compression Strenght Floorguard)
Product Image (Supreme High Compression Strenght Floor Mat)
Product Image (Supreme acrylic adhesive backed tapes)
Product Image (Supreme water vapour barrier material)
Product Image (Supreme Non Bituminous Joint Filler Rods)
Product Image (Supreme Polymer Based Foam Closure Profile)
Product Image (Supreme Wapour Absorption Floorguard)
Product Image (Supreme Bitumen Free Debonding Strips)
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Supreme Dura Foam Protective Shield

This foam protective shield is ideal for spandrel insulation in buildings with glass facade. The closed cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam is non-fibrous and fire retardant.

Product Image (02)

Supreme Dura Floor Guard

Dura floor guard is a product based on closed-cell polymer. It is perfect for industrial flooring etc. With closed cell, there is negligible water or vapor absorption. The floor guard exhibits high compression strength, excellent chemical resistance and ergonomics. It is rot-proof and bacteria resistant. The product is great for engineering industry, mold shop, machine foundation, unloading bay, assembly lines, and load-bearing for heavy structures.

Product Image (06)

Floor Protector Sheet

Supreme Duraprotector XF Floor Protector Sheet is outstanding for floor protection. It is a high-performance composite – cross laminated film and cushioning foam. This engineered product is high-strength, abrasion-resistant, and long life.

Product Image (05)

Supreme Dura Vapor Barrier

We offer high-performance water vapor barrier materials. Our dura vapor barrier is very cost-effective and practical. It is combined with thousands of small air cells, trapped in foam, and strengthened with high-performance polymeric inter-lay.


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